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This location can “cheat” an upscale family home in any affluent suburb in the USA. It has the perfect room to room flow for filming on both the first & second floors. The enclosed sunroom leads to the back porch, which gives it a complete All American feel. The freestanding double car garage also provides filming opportunities. There is a film friendly oversized attic, with windows that provide street views on two sides of the house.

Keywords: All American, Freestanding Garage, Attic, East Coast.

To book this property, call 310.990.8788 and reference File #7

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Plan A Locations (310.990.8788) represents and manages real estate properties for use in filming by motion picture and television productions. Plan A Locations is the exclusive representative for the Fremont Place district in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, along with managing other spectacular properties throughout the filming "zone" of Los Angeles. Residential or commercial, Plan A Locations has the right property for your production. Call today.