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This ideal restaurant contains many rooms & many looks. The room that you use depends on what the script calls for and if the script calls for more than one restaurant or café we can do that too.

The parking lot entrance leads into an outdoor circular bar patio area; this space can be approached from either side of the parking lot.

Entering off the back patio you walk down the hall into a light, airy room complete with a wooden bar. This peaceful setting leads out to another outdoor patio that includes a stage. The stage is large enough to accommodate a band or be set with a podium for a speaker.

Going further into the restaurant is a room that can cheat a piano lounge. It has that warm, cozy feeling and a beautiful baby grand piano.

On the other side of the room with the POV of the kitchen there is a space with a Spanish flavor. This area, with its many skylights, has a lanai feel to it. This room leads to a patio eating area. This space can cheat an outdoor restaurant or café anywhere in the US or beyond.

The front entrance, which lends a neighborhood restaurant feel to the location, opens into the idea local eatery. The brick walls and cozy booths are a perfect setting.

There is also a full commercial kitchen available for shooting. The attached parking lot can easily accommodate your working trucks and then some.

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