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This is the perfect Mid-Century modern; its in an easy to film neighborhood, has a film friendly owner and looks terrific. This location has a great room to room flow; each room can be shot from a number of angles and most have several ways to enter and exit.

The kitchen opens into the dining room; it also has a range top that faces into the dining room allowing for the cook's POV great for commercials.

The den & living room both have glass walls providing a spectacular view of the street as well as off into the distance. In addition to the view the den has a large brick fireplace. The Master Bedroom also has a wall of glass as well as a fireplace. The back outdoor area is fantastic. While there is a fabulous POV of the surrounding area it is not on a steep hill and has ample, easy truck parking. Not a problem for even the biggest Honey - wagon. You get all the advantages of being up in the Hills without any of the drawbacks.

To book this property, call 310.990.8788 and reference File #32