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File # 351-2 - “Administration” -- Here we have a reception space that can “cheat” anything & everything; from a police dept. to a doctor or dentist’s office. The enclosed counter is backed by a secretarial pool space; the reverse is the sitting area & elevator.

***** This area also has a communications/ dispatch room that comes complete with all the bells, whistles, monitors and computers necessary to respond to crime in real time. Yes they will close it down for filming – No we are not endangering anyone in the City, they still have a fully functioning backup that has never been taken apart. *****

Do you need a bullpen area for your detectives we have one that is completely furnished, not in use & always available for filming. There is also the real detectives bullpen that has limited availability. A conference room, 2 classrooms that can serve as roll call rooms, a smaller office and police museum are available for filming as well. For your reference there is also a picture of the stairs that are all throughout the building.

To book this property, call 310.990.8788 and reference File #351-2






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