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This fabulous modern space can cheat so many interesting locations. In reality it is a new restaurant but it can just as easily “cheat” a two - story loft, an ultra modern office or the work-space of a Tech company. You & your production company are only limited by your imagination. It can also solve the problem of needing two looks in one day without a company move.

If you choose to shoot this space as a restaurant the appropriate furniture is available, as is an industrial kitchen. The back stairs leading down to a parking pad & alley provides a great location for a chase scene or an escape route for the good or bad guys.

To book this property, call 310.990.8788 and reference File #44






Plan A Locations (310.990.8788) represents and manages real estate properties for use in filming by motion picture and television productions. Plan A Locations is the exclusive representative for the Fremont Place district in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, along with managing other spectacular properties throughout the filming "zone" of Los Angeles. Residential or commercial, Plan A Locations has the right property for your production. Call today.