About Us

Like the Company itself, our website is a work in progress. As many of you know, we represent many more properties than are shown here, but I wanted to get this “thing” up and running rapidly so they are not all posted yet.

I wanted this website to start up quickly to give Location Managers the opportunity to become familiar with Plan A’s commercial and non-Fremont Place residential properties as soon as possible. Eventually the majority of our locations will be integrated into the site. With new properties being added to the site all of the time, we hope that you will check it out often. If there is a property you know we rep and it is not posted yet, step back into the dark ages and give us a call. Our number is at the top of each page: 310.990.8788.

As someone who is not techno savvy and really believes that President Jed Bartlett (on an episode of “The West Wing”) was right when he said, “I knew someday I would be screwed by a computer” my only instruction to website designer Jamie Ponchak was keep it simple. For those who revel in their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Blackberry Thumb (people under forty) this may just be a little too uncomplicated for you; for those who need to put on your reading glasses, have a glass of wine and find a location painlessly (people over forty), I hope that this will become your favorite website.

This website is, as I said, easy to use. You can call me and I will give you a list of suggested file numbers. Check out the spotlight news page – it’s meant to inform and or amuse.

Plan A Locations started in May of 1999 by representing 12 homes in the Fremont Place section of Hancock Park, since that time we have expanded and now have properties throughout the Zone. Plan A now has a large collection of commercial as well as residential locations. We have worked with all of the major studios, independent commercial production houses and cable networks.

This website doesn’t mean that we are not going to continue to be available to go door to door in Fremont Place or elsewhere but, wouldn’t you really rather surf the web and then call me so that we can have lunch or a drink?

If there is a property you know we rep and it is not posted yet, step back into the dark ages and give us a call at 310.990.8788