File 357-1: ATC School (High School)

This is one of the 30 schools that make up the Montebello Unified School District. The most modern campus of all of the facilities, it was built in 2011. This school can obviously play as a high tech school but can also “cheat” an architect’s office, an upscale design firm or a version of a […]

File 357-2: Montebello High School

This multi building complex has everything that you will need for your production. In addition to all that is pictured in this folder there are classrooms, science classrooms, classrooms that open into an interior hallway as well as classrooms that open to the outside areas. Pictured in this folder: Football Field, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Computer Lab, […]

File 357-3: Schurr High School

This multi building school, with its beautiful quads, can cheat a small college in anywhere USA. It has science classrooms, computer classrooms, hallway lockers, a spectacular library, and auditorium. In addition to all that it has a spectacular aquatic center, a football field that easily can cheat a college field and an amphitheater. Call Plan […]

File 357-4: Montebello Intermediate

This school offers many spaces that are ideal for filming. There is an oversized library and large computer lab classroom. The main gym is very big and located in a separate building; there are also two separate dance studios. The girl’s locker room is oversized and very filmable. There is an outdoor cafeteria covered with […]

File 357-5: Washington Elementary School

This school offers many different looks. Obviously it can “cheat” any suburban school in anywhere USA but there’s more to that on this campus. There is a modern building that can “cheat” an architect’s office, design center or any Silicon Beach facility. The large classrooms can easily be turned into wide opened office space common […]