File 357-1: ATC School (High School)

This is one of the 30 schools that make up the Montebello Unified School District. The most modern campus of all of the facilities, it was built in 2011. This school can obviously play as a high tech school but can also “cheat” an architect’s office, an upscale design firm or a version of a High Tech Silicon Beach/Valley Company.

The glass & steel building surrounds an oversized courtyard, in addition to this magnificent building there are several other great exterior locations. There is a large produce garden, a fenced in space that is used by the construction & engineering students & a soccer field. They also have a basketball court and an incredible outdoor café.

There is a regulation-training course used in police & sheriff’s training and qualifications testing.

In addition to the many exterior opportunities the inside also has many possible locations. Along side the gated entrance that leads to the courtyard there is a door that leads to the administration office, that includes a secretarial area, a few great offices & a conference room.

The teaching kitchen is high tech & amazing, it even includes television monitors for instructional purposes or anything that you want to put on a loop & play. Attached to that kitchen is an oversized room that can be set up as a cafeteria or dressed as a restaurant.

The Computer Lab can “cheat” a grade school, middle school, high school or college Lab. The classrooms, again, can “cheat” any school that has a modern look.

The workout room comes complete with modern exercise machines and there is a woodshop where you can film all the saws and machines in action.

This is just one of the many MUSD facilities. We also have schools with 2 story libraries, high schools with football fields that can easily “cheat” college campus’ and everything else we use at schools.

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