File 153: Spa & Health Club

This fabulous Spa & Health Club is like everyone else here in Los Angeles it just had a multi-million dollar face-lift and when you walk inside you can see every dollar that was spent. As you pull in off the street you enter an enormous parking lot that will be your Base Camp unless you have multiple exteriors. The entrance foyer leads to a separate men’s spa and a separate women’s spa – both equally elegant and well appointed. Before you enter either spa there is a lobby with an elevator that leads to the second floor that allows for camera placement looking down on the men’s side of the facility. The men’s location is enormous. A hallway off of the lobby leads to a maze of polished wood lockers that lead into a grooming area complete with multiple sinks and surrounded by mirrors. Off to one side is a filmable bathroom. In this same area there is a marble steam room and a dry wood sauna. The next room is the “money” shot; it is a two story high marble walled room that has the pools. Up a half a dozen steps from the main floor is a Jacuzzi surrounded by a red cold pool and a blue hot pool. The effect from the entrance is amazing. But, there is even a better POV from the second floor that overlooks this opulent area. This room also includes glass walled sweat rooms and showers. On the other side is the women’s spa that you enter from a hallway off the lobby; at the end of the hallway is an oversized dressing room. Included in this area is a circular mirrored grooming bar as well as a sitting area with a coffee set up. Off this space are two rooms with polished wood lockers and a filmable bathroom. Off of this space is a short hallway that has doors leading into a marble steam room and a wood dry sauna. The pool area is marble; included in this oversized space is a hot blue pool on one side, a cold red pool on the other and a Jacuzzi in between. The wall behind the three pools is a waterfall. Leading off one side of this pool area is a very large communal shower. If all of this isn’t enough downstairs is a work out room and off of that is an Olympic size swimming pool.