File 91-1: Apartment Building Copy

Built in 1928 this newly renovated apartment building is a perfect example of Mission/Spanish Revival Architecture. As the photos indicate you enter through a wrought iron gate, pass through a beautiful atrium and enter into a tremendous lobby with an open mezzanine that makes for great POV’s as well as camera placements. Off of the […]

File 91-2: Art Deco Apartment Building

This spectacular ten- story Art Deco building, designed by Architect Marcus P. Miller, was built in 1935. Every floor of this incredible structure has film-friendly spaces. The gilded front door with it’s theater marquee entrance can cheat any upscale apartment building on the East Coast particularly New York City. The lobby can play as belonging […]

File 91-3: Chic Apartment Building

This fabulous, chic 10-unit loft conveniently located in downtown LA around the corner from LA Center Stages has terrific possibilities for filming. In addition to the great modern stairway that runs up the side of the building (no need to start whining there is an elevator for equipment) there is a spectacular roof that is […]

File 91-4: Rustic Apartment Building

If you need to cheat a more rustic setting than the usual LA apartment building this is your location. The exterior as well as the common areas inside can cheat Idaho, Colorado, Lake Tahoe, Big Bear or any woodsy location. The really good part is the reverse is the “sister” building that looks exactly the […]

File 91-5: Multi Apartment Building

This multi – building community has the ideal “apartment complex” look. It is a series of two story buildings connected by paths that offer a variety of different locations. The front of the building has a circular driveway that can cheat a hotel entrance as well as the front of an apartment building. Enter through […]

File 91-6: Red Brick Apartment Building

This 5 story red brick building can easily cheat an apartment building is any major city & the front door reverse can just as easily cheat any inner city block. The massive exterior, taking up a good part of a City street, not only has residential space but commercial space as well. This really does […]