File 91-6: Red Brick Apartment Building

This 5 story red brick building can easily cheat an apartment building is any major city & the front door reverse can just as easily cheat any inner city block. The massive exterior, taking up a good part of a City street, not only has residential space but commercial space as well. This really does add to the urban feel. A staircase, leading to the mezzanine floor dominates the lobby. This floor has a gym as well as several community rooms; there is a television lounge & library combination, a beautiful communal kitchen, a large gathering room & a room with a pool table and wide screen television. This area can also be accessed from the first floor via elevator. Just outside this great space is a patio & garden. There is a barbecue area with tables & chairs as well as tree lined paths. The apartment available for filming here is a wonderful two – bedroom space. The hallway leading up to and away from this apartment are very long and great for chase scenes.