File 91-3: Chic Apartment Building

This fabulous, chic 10-unit loft conveniently located in downtown LA around the corner from LA Center Stages has terrific possibilities for filming. In addition to the great modern stairway that runs up the side of the building (no need to start whining there is an elevator for equipment) there is a spectacular roof that is a location unto itself. This space comes already dressed for a party and has a hot tub. It is also perfect for a murder – which is how some parties end. There is also a breath taking view of downtown from this rooftop. Three tenants have already offered their lofts for filming and as the pictures indicate they are all different & all beautiful. Two of the three are adjacent to each other on the top floor. Please note that one unit available for filming has an abundance of beautiful art work that the owner created. All of this artwork is cleared & available for use in this building as well as at other locations. Please advise your set decorators.