File 91-2: Art Deco Apartment Building

This spectacular ten- story Art Deco building, designed by Architect Marcus P. Miller, was built in 1935. Every floor of this incredible structure has film-friendly spaces. The gilded front door with it’s theater marquee entrance can cheat any upscale apartment building on the East Coast particularly New York City. The lobby can play as belonging to a chic apartment building or a boutique hotel. To the left of the lobby is a bright, airy, large sitting room that can be dressed as any one of several hotel/apartment spaces. It even has it’s own piano & pool table. Take the elevator downstairs and you have a combined television lounge, library & kitchen that can cheat an apartment. There is also a filmable laundry room. Available at this site is a great two – bedroom apartment with views that are breathtaking. The roof is a location unto itself. The space is open & has spectacular views. There is even enough room to put in a set. Along side the building, accessible thru the building or street entrance is a magnificent park. That can be a separate location or used in conjunction with the building. This historic building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 18, 1985.