File 110: Sprawling Ranch Home

This sprawling ranch is perfect for filming; the room to room flow can accommodate camera positions from every POV. All of the communal rooms are super sized and have 20-foot high – ceilings. The kitchen has an island that can accommodate serving as an eating area as well as an additional breakfast nook. The living room and family room both have fireplaces. The master bedroom is oversized and has a 20 – foot high ceiling and a fireplace. The master bath is large enough for filming and then some; it has two large vanities, a three-glassed wall shower and a raised bathtub. The backyard is enormous and allows you to shoot it with the pool or hide the pool and still have a large yard to film. The house also includes a complete gym facility. This venue also provides a second great look, a fabulous guesthouse. Located at the far back of the property you can shoot it a small home or apartment or a variety of other locations.