File 30: Frank Gehry House

Built in 1989 this Frank Gehry designed house, or rather compound since it includes 4 free standing structures, is perfect for your script if it calls for an ultra modern residence or a house that gives the feeling of being a piece of art. The main structure contains a magnificent kitchen, dining room, living room, library, family room, media room, sauna, master bedroom suite and two additional bedrooms. The second structure serves as an office and has a dome atop the roof that was inspired by the Griffith Observatory. There is a guesthouse that adds to the multi-structure feeling of the property or can be used as a separate location. The last structure houses the garage and gym and is connected to the main house by a breezeway. The breezeway itself presents a great space for filming. All four of the structures that make up the compound are composed of stucco, wood, glass, lead and copper. Also located on this amazing property, a reflecting pond, lap pool and spectacular views of the Getty. Interesting fact, every room has it’s own iPad that runs everything in it.